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Election fever grips Britain...

Well, maybe not. I was confused on who to vote for - call me old fashioned, but I did intend to. The problem was that the Sun - famous for being The One Wot Won It, can't make up it's mind. One may view this as a positive indication that Rupert Murdoch is asking his readers to think for themselves (it will be a novel experience for some, no doubt!) yet on the other hand, it could indicate that both parties are really as bad as each other and even a bigoted, reactionary right wing rag like the Sun cannot decide which is more deserving of the neo-con/facist vote.

Enter Johann Hari of the Independant, who points out that Labour has indeed been 'taxing by stealth' and upping the amount that goes on Social Services by such measures as inheritance tax and taxing company pension funds. And what hae we got to show for it?

The answer is...the number of people sleeping rough on our streets has fallen by two thirds, according to Shelter. there is also the fact to consider that the Government "baby bond" scheme will mean that even the poorest children will have some sort of nest egg when they reach 18. Enough to start a business or go to Uni.

Ok, I did not get a free ethical dimension with every foreign policy, like I was promised, but it seems that here at home, as well as abroad, new labour is doing it's bit to make poverty history.
Maybe if tony's majority in the house was reduced, he would do more to keep back benchers on board and do more to reach out to the Lib Dems, etc for support. I will be voting for a splendid back bencher in my own constituency, but I hope we can arrange a hung parlaiment because it seems to be in the national interest to do so.
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